Making life better with technology and design

A never ending team effort to innovate

My name is Tailor VJ and I’m a technical product manager from Tel Aviv
Since 1996 I’ve been researching and developing various technological solutions for everyday problems and running digital media operations. I’ve been involved in early stage product design and development for startup companies, like, TCM.AC and more established ones, like Microsoft TV R&D

I like building multidisciplinary teams and helping them collaborate, design, build and push innovative digital products into the world
My recipe for success: Hard work, professionalism, open communications, visibility, humility and a healthy work environment where everybody feels appreciated and supported

Asaf Prihadash Product Manager


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Education and experience

Lifelong learning is my way

I am mostly self educated and through the years I completed dozens of certificate programs in technology, design and management related subjects 

 Certification Book (Google Slides)

My technical creative focus since 2018 has been on deepening my UX and Flutter app development knowledge. I lead a multidisciplinary team of mobile app designers and developers
At the moment I’m attending the Google UX specialization on Coursera, because I think they have actually defined the Design Sprint standard for the industry and I’d like to run design sprint workshops the Google way


Web native since 1996

Flutter (Dart), XD, Photoshop, Firebase, Google Cloud APIs, Google Workspace, Git (gitflow, Github, Bitbucket), Trello, WordPress(HTML, CSS, JS, PHP), Bash, FFMPEG, RTMP, Zoom, Meet, Audacity, Ableton Live (and the list goes one, but these are my daily drivers)

Certified Scrum Product Owner, PMI member, Kanban, agile, digital transformation, remote collaboration

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